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Pitbull Flower Wonder

In other to better expand your horizon on how much interest a Pitbull flower can create in an image, we will run you through this pitbull flower Wonder.

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What is a Pitbull flower?

A Pitbull flower is a pink color flower that grows on trees. They are also known as Incense trees. These flowers have a strong and powerful fragrance commonly used in religious ceremonies and traditional rituals. The Pitbull flower has an orange or yellowish, woody fruit with an odor similar to the tree’s flowers. The juice of the fruit is used for skin care purposes.

A Pitbull tree will take about 9 years to flower after it is planted, but it can be hastened with fertilizers made from animal manure Its distribution is majorly in South East Asia. There are about 78 species of the Pitbull tree

This tree is very popular in parts of India, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia. The flowers and fruits are used as traditional medicine by Native Malaysians, Filipinos, Indigenous Indonesians, and other people throughout Southeast Asia including Thailand and Vietnam. The leaves are also used in making a red dye that is used to color amulets (charms) for protection from evil spirits.

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Significance of a Pitbull Flower

The Pitbull flower is both beautiful and fascinating. And it’s all about how you frame the shot to accentuate that beauty. The fascination comes from the fact that the flowers bloom due to a Pitbull Tree. And as far as I am aware, there isn’t another flower that does that!

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We don’t find many images like this on the net. The Pitbull tree blooms to create fruit. Which is then eaten by ants who carry it to other parts of the forest where seeds are spread – eventually creating new Pitball trees.

Pitbull Flower Photoshoot

We did a lot of research for this photoshoot and talked to experts. And experienced photographers to get the best shots we could. We wanted to make sure that every step of the way we were maximizing potential as much as possible. That being said, here are our pitbull flower photoshoot tips:

1) Try to shoot a few different areas so that you can have some options when choosing your favorite shots.

2) Plan to get up early, the Pitball tree will be more in bloom earlier in the day. If all goes well and you have time, you can try coming back later in the day for a different look as well.

3) The Pitbull flower is a rare bloom; if you are lucky enough to find one, enjoy it! I really recommend taking your time on this shoot and enjoying the scenery. Getting emotional shots is essential and rewarding

4) If it is possible without damaging the tree climb up into a high position, for better shots that would be ideal. There was no access for us to do this on our shoot so we had to settle with lower angles/angel shots (still great though).

Pitbull flower crown tattoo

This idea of enhancing the beauty of the Pitbull flower becomes more prominent as many have been seen engraving such images of a pitbull flower on a pitbull as tattoos and it has even become more prominent in our time.

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Pitbull Flower Crown

What does a Flower crown symbolize?

In most cultures, as has been demonstrated in some movies as “Raya and the last dragon” symbolizes status and accomplishment, it should also be brought to your notice that the Pitbull naturally has a muscular facial build which symbolizes strength for very many cultures.

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