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Ethereal effect photoshop

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ethereal effect photoshop is an effect in photo editing software that adds a glowing, ethereal, or foggy atmospheric lens flare to the picture. This can simulate a lighting effect that automatically occurs in outdoor photographs when a bright light comes from the side. The effect very often looks like sunlight passing through clouds.

vicienchinos ethereal special effect
Ethereal effect with double exposure

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The most common causes of this are shooting in front of wide expanses of blue sky (with higher levels of natural atmospheric haze) or standing near some other light source and photographing something near it with an even brighter object nearby (such as taking pictures at night by lamplight).

The ethereal effect of photoshop is a rather subtle effect. By itself but can be used to add atmosphere (such as fog or smoke) to other pictures.

How to achieve Ethereal effect in photoshop

  • Open up Adobe Photoshop.
  • Create a new, blank canvas, 15 pixels by 15 pixels. Fill the canvas with black (colors > fill).
  • Create a new layer (layer > new > layer) on top of the current layer. Set the layer to “normal” mode. On the bottom left corner of this new layer is a “drop shadow” box; click on it and drag it down until you can see a black shadow below your white square in your picture preview box in the top right corner of Photoshop’s program window, then let go (see picture 1).
  • Use the paint bucket tool down in the tools section and fill the layer we just made with white (colors > fill).
  • Create a new layer on top of the white square layer and set that new layer to “overlay” mode.
  • Use your favorite editing program to either find or create some cloud images – you can use Google Images for this purpose. The effect will look better if you choose images with shadows in them or wispy, cloudy clouds; however, it works well even if you don’t do this (see picture 2).
  • After you have your cloud images set, go to the “edit” menu, and click “select”. Use your mouse to select part of your cloud image and drag it over to the white square layer on top of the newly created red (color) layer. Repeat this step until you have a good selection.
  • From the menu bar, click on “Filter” (or press “F” on your keyboard). From the pull-down menu that appears choose “Pixelate”. You will see an overlay screen appear; use this screen to adjust how much or little pixelation your new selected cloud parts will have (see picture 3). Do not adjust too much though as it can become borderline surrealistic. Press enter to apply the pixelation.
  • Continue using “edit” > “select” > “Filter” > “pixelate” to add your selected cloud parts with different pixelation patterns. The more pixelation you use, the more realistic the effect will look (see picture 4).
  • Save your image as a jpeg, then open it up in any image viewer or editor that allows you to view jpegs (for example windows picture and fax viewer). Also view it large-scale (100% size) on your monitor so that you can see finer details of your work.
  • To export the image, select “File” > “Export” and choose “JPEG”. or select “File”> “Export” > “Save for web”.
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Go to the folder where you will save your photo, and rename it (for example cloudy effect). Then drag your new photo into the folder.

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Ethereal filter Instagram

The ethereal filter is a term used to describe the style of filters used on photos. This type of filter is most commonly used by iPhone and Instagram users. The style is characterized by dull colors and the use of a faded vignette. Demi Lovato’s album “Unbroken” uses this kind of filter in almost all the album’s photographs. Another example is the song “Sing” by Ed Sheeran which features this kind of filter as one of its official album covers. ethereal filter Instagram youtube

The style’s popularity has grown through social media outlets like Instagram and its growing community. Ethereal filters have also been used to describe the “Winter” and “Summer” seasons. Of Jane the Virgin’s third season. The term Ethereal filters were also used in the 2013 film “13 Sins”.

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