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The Canon 135mm f/2 Portrait Lens

Canon’s enthusiast-friendly 135mm f/2 Portrait lens is a true workhorse and works wonders for Art, the Canon 135mm f2 Portrait lens offers truly excellent sharpness and contrast across the frame, outstanding performance for the price point. And features like an optimized front lens element that delivers beautiful bokeh. It also has a dedicated portrait mode … Read more

How to Manipulate your Camera settings

Filmmaking is the art of capturing what the artist wants to show. It is the act of creating art with a camera in accordance with one’s wishes. The most important thing in film-making is having control over what your camera records. If you change basic settings, you will have greater control over your shots. In … Read more

Best Digital Camera in Nigeria Review

In this article, we will discuss the top ten best digital cameras in Nigeria, that you can buy and use for your casual and professional shoots. DSLRs are arguably the foremost popular breed of cameras in Nigeria now. These dedicated interchangeable lens cameras have a larger spectrum of advantages disposed to users, imaging quality and … Read more