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Fine Art Portrait editing

Though the art of portrait photography has evolved and become more advanced, there are still many photographers who are not aware of the benefits of fine art editing in terms of a sharpened foreground, a vivid color palette, or the illusion of depth. Such processes work to enhance your skills as a photographer and are … Read more

6 Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Professional Photographer

The picture quality of digital cameras and smartphones today is better than ever, So, is there really any point in hiring a professional photographer for your event, moment, or marketing needs? Here are 6 reasons why you need to hire a professional photographer. READ ALSO: How to use group layers in photoshop The short answer—is … Read more

How to remove overexposure spot on the face in Photoshop

Can anyone tell me how to remove overexposure spots on the face in photoshop? are u stuck on this question? this blog will expatiate on this very common but easy to fix the issue. READ ALSO: How to remove freckles in Photoshop Create a new layer, set it to color dodge at 100%, and choose … Read more

how to open jpeg tiff in camera raw

This article will show you how to open jpeg tiff in camera raw, the software that is included within the digital photography suite. The article provides detailed instructions on how to open this file type, as well as supercharge your editing process with greater flexibility. Explore tutorials on opening jpeg tiff in-camera raw if you … Read more

Nude photography

If you’re like me, it’s difficult for you to think of ways to use your photography skills more creatively. Photography is an incredible medium that can document memories and emotions in a way that no other media can, Nude Photography is an art to explore. But there are so many other possibilities if we choose … Read more

Focusing techniques in DSLR for improving photography skills

In photography, the goal of focusing is to obtain a sharp image with a correctly sized depth-of-field. This is a tricky thing for many beginners to do. But it all comes down to understanding what you’re going for in your shot. Once you have that in mind, focusing can be easier and smoother. A lot … Read more

How to merge clips in Adobe Premiere Pro

There is a variety of ways on How to Merge Clips in Adobe Premiere Pro, such as: -A) Place clips on top of each other and press “E” to merge the clips.-B) Place the two clips next to each other and select “Wipe” from your toolbar. And then select the option that says “Right”.-C) Place … Read more

How to Start a Photography blog

For a blog that is focused on photography, you need to have a clear idea in your head. Of what your audience would enjoy. Be sure to give advice and offer reviews for cameras and equipment in the photography field. As well as provide some workshops or tutorials on How to start a Photography Blog. … Read more

10 Ways to Restore Lost Data with Easy Recovery Essentials Alternative

If you ever find yourself in the unenviable position of needing to restore lost data, you’ll be happy to know it really is possible with the right tools. As long as your hard drive is healthy and not corrupted, there are a lot of great utilities out there that can help bring back your data. … Read more