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How to use a rose petal overlay

Enhance the appearance of your pictures generally, not just your cakes and the realism of a floral design, Check out these stunning articles on how to use a rose petal overlay. You might be looking for some tips on how to decorate with rose petals in your images. Both of these are about the same … Read more

How to enhance eyelashes in photoshop

We have written extensively on the topic: How to enhance eyelashes in photoshop. You can learn more for free about the intel on how to create stunning transformations on your general Retouched image by clicking. READ ALSO: How to remove freckles in Photoshop Enhancing Lashes Lashes are one of the hardest things to get in … Read more

Ethereal effect photoshop

ethereal effect photoshop is an effect in photo editing software that adds a glowing, ethereal, or foggy atmospheric lens flare to the picture. This can simulate a lighting effect that automatically occurs in outdoor photographs when a bright light comes from the side. The effect very often looks like sunlight passing through clouds. READ ALSO: … Read more

The Canon 135mm f/2 Portrait Lens

Canon’s enthusiast-friendly 135mm f/2 Portrait lens is a true workhorse and works wonders for Art, the Canon 135mm f2 Portrait lens offers truly excellent sharpness and contrast across the frame, outstanding performance for the price point. And features like an optimized front lens element that delivers beautiful bokeh. It also has a dedicated portrait mode … Read more

Learning the Art of Portrait Photography

Good morning! Today I’m going to talk about learning the art of portrait photography and some tips and tricks for taking a great selfie. The selfie is one of the most popular types of photos on social media sites these days. The best part about jumping on this bandwagon is that there are a lot … Read more

Fine Art Portrait editing

Though the art of portrait photography has evolved and become more advanced, there are still many photographers who are not aware of the benefits of fine art editing in terms of a sharpened foreground, a vivid color palette, or the illusion of depth. Such processes work to enhance your skills as a photographer and are … Read more

6 Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Professional Photographer

The picture quality of digital cameras and smartphones today is better than ever, So, is there really any point in hiring a professional photographer for your event, moment, or marketing needs? Here are 6 reasons why you need to hire a professional photographer. READ ALSO: How to use group layers in photoshop The short answer—is … Read more

How to use group layers in photoshop

Many people are not aware that there is a hidden layer of layers you can use in Photoshop, They allow you to group multiple layers together so they act as one. These are called Group Layers, This lets us create effects like filters, blend modes. Or even change where the active layer sits within your … Read more

How to use a Selective Color Adjustment Layer in Photoshop

We all like color in our prints, But you don’t have to settle for all the colors that the world sends your way, Learn how to use Selective color adjustment layer In Photoshop. You have a lot of control over which colors to include. Using picky colors, you can remove all but one color. Or … Read more

How to create black and white photos in Photoshop

In this article, you will be enlightened on how to create black and white photos using Photoshop, Black and white Photography helps preserve an image’s soul look, using the shades of white and black. READ ALSO: How to make a watermark in Photoshop What is black and white photography? The term ‘black and white’ really … Read more