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Stunning Edo bridal Exposure

EDO BRIDALS by VivienChinos

Our Beautiful Edo Bride, adorned with Eto Okuku, Ewu-ivie, Ivie-obo, Ivie-uru, is a Completely stunning Edo bridal Exposure according to the famous Edo Culture. READ ALSO: How to Pose couples for Pre-wedding Shoot Edo Bridal Attire, Cultural Significance Edo bridal attire, worn by brides from the Edo people of Nigeria, is known for its rich … Read more

How to Resample in photoshop

The project is an article about the best ways to resize images in photoshop, giving birth to the topic of How to resample in Photoshop. As part of this article, please include your personal preferences for each method and why they work well, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of each method. By the … Read more

Pitbull Flower Wonder

In other to better expand your horizon on how much interest a Pitbull flower can create in an image, we will run you through this pitbull flower Wonder. READ ALSO: How to remove freckles in photoshop What is a Pitbull flower? A Pitbull flower is a pink color flower that grows on trees. They are … Read more

Anambra Fashion Expo 2022

In this article, we will put you on Smooth ride through the Breath-taking Photos of Anambra Fashion Expo 2022. The Fashion Exhibition began beautifully with young models storming the Run-way in Style Fashion enthusiasts, designers, and industry experts were in for a special treat in the just concluded ANAMBRA FASHION EXPO 2022, hosted by The … Read more

Understanding Additive vs Subtractive color

In this article, we shall simplify Color Formation to help us in understanding Additive vs Subtractive Color. The basic color wheel is simply based on light and dark. Which is represented by combinations of red, green, and blue. READ ALSO: How to use selective color adjustment layer in photoshop An Additive color is the result … Read more

Feminine Posing Guide

A feminine posing guide can assist you in achieving the desired look and style that best suits your needs. A lot of models have their poses documented with amazing behind-the-scenes footage. This is really helpful for someone that wants to learn how to do a good job posing for photos. The tips given here are … Read more

How to achieve Painterly Portrait Photography

Some extra attention to detailed shots and edits is required to achieve Painterly Portrait Photography. So it can be regarded as a Pro course. In this blog, I explained the ins and outs of this technique, its history, and how it applies to photography. It’s all about how to create a photographic piece that will … Read more

How to use a rose petal overlay

Enhance the appearance of your pictures generally, not just your cakes and the realism of a floral design, Check out these stunning articles on how to use a rose petal overlay. You might be looking for some tips on how to decorate with rose petals in your images. Both of these are about the same … Read more

How to enhance eyelashes in photoshop

We have written extensively on the topic: How to enhance eyelashes in photoshop. You can learn more for free about the intel on how to create stunning transformations on your general Retouched image by clicking. READ ALSO: How to remove freckles in Photoshop Enhancing Lashes Lashes are one of the hardest things to get in … Read more

Ethereal effect photoshop

ethereal effect photoshop is an effect in photo editing software that adds a glowing, ethereal, or foggy atmospheric lens flare to the picture. This can simulate a lighting effect that automatically occurs in outdoor photographs when a bright light comes from the side. The effect very often looks like sunlight passing through clouds. READ ALSO: … Read more